Does the ice in your cocktail melt before you get to the end of your drink?
Looking to expand your living space for the summer?
Find that you can’t enjoy your deck/patio because of the heat or the sun?
Interested in increasing your seating capacity at your business?

Sound familiar?

Sometimes those table umbrellas just don’t cut it. If you are looking for a better solution to block the sun, a custom designed patio awning might be the alternative you are seeking. Often made into a summer room, our customers find they spend more time under their awning than they do in their house. Put out a table and chairs, some lounge furniture, speakers, and even some lights*. Stationary patio awnings let you use your patio even during those summer rain storms. All our canopies are custom designed to fit your needs and your space. So even if your deck is as straight as the Cuyahoga River, we can help you add to your space.

In certain businesses, especially ones where customer capacity is directly related to revenue, more tables means more seats, which means more paying clients. Ohio Awning can help that cash register ring by increasing your outdoor seating area. Patio awnings offer additional outdoor seating areas, where customers can relax in a comfortable setting. With curtains, you can add a heat source and create an additional room for customers, clients or visitors, that is available from early spring till late fall.

Stationary awnings are traditionally a seasonal product, made for use when the snow is not falling. A year round canopy designed to withstand the weight of the winter season is available for a business looking to create a unique environment for customers or diners.

An alternative to a permanent patio cover is a retractable awning. Retractable awnings can be used to cover a part, the whole or any combination of your deck or patio. True flexibility for your recreational area.

Please contact Ohio Awning and Manufacturing (contact information) for further questions or information.

*Ohio Awning and Manufacturing Co. cannot be held responsible for any loss in productivity due to the enjoyment of our product. Increased lounging, slacking, and a general lack of motivation, especially with concern to yard work, may occur.

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