Backlit Awnings

Ohio Awning and Manufacturing is in the business of designing and manufacturing backlit awnings for your business or home.

These awnings offer:

  • A way to light up the front of your building or store.
  • A sign or logo that can be easily seen from the street.
  • An awning that is not going to blend in with your neighbors.

Backlit awnings come in just about any awning style from convex, to shed to bullnose. The difference between backlit awnings and typical awnings are fabric and light location. The nature of the fabric used in these awnings allows the light to pass through giving the awning a glowing, or lit-up effect at night.

By adding graphics and lettering to these awnings, you can create a custom designed awning that is as unique as your business. The graphics and logos can be almost any color when lit up offering even more options during awning design. Additional, OA will also custom build your awning frame to ensure that the graphics do not have any shadows when the awning is lit up.

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